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Helpful Hints

  • The first time you log into the new look, you will be required to answer your security question.
  • Email addresses are required so if there isnít an email entered, the system will prompt you to enter your email address. You will receive an email as if email address had been changed.
  • Tabs are along the top instead of the left side for example DOCUMENTS TAB after you click on the account.
  • Home Page: 1. You can move the accounts to an order you prefer by using the move up and down arrow after clicking on Edit; 2. You can rename the accounts such as Joe Checking, Joe Savings; 3. For customers with a lot of accounts, if they donít all show, then Click on the "View all Accounts".
  • Accounts Page: Use the Drop Down arrow to see the list of accounts.
  • Transfer Page: this is the same as the express transfer. We would recommend NOT using the description area as the description you enter will be the only thing that shows up-not date and time.
  • Scheduled Payments are found listed after you click on Transfer below the new transfer area.
  • Bill Pay Accounts are now listed to the right on the Home Page. Use the drop down arrow to see additional bill pay accounts enrolled.
  • Transactions no longer are listed as Debit or Credit but debits are listed as -3.00 and credits are listed as 3.00.
  • Previous Statement-Current Statement option: In the past you were able to click on previous statement or current statement. Now to find the same information grouped together the same,
  • You would click on SWITCH TO RANGE under the search area and it will bring up those transactions. For previous statement you can go to DOCUMENTS and get the actual statement.
  • PROFILE is where you will change password, challenge questions, email address, and estatement options.
  • LOG OUT is now available.
  • New enrollees will click on the "ENROLL NOW" and proceed with enrollment. Before enrollment you must first supply City Bank & Trust Co. a PIN number. Please contact your local branch for information on how to establish a PIN number.

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